Another ordinary dinner at home

You don’t think we can eat out every night, do you? Sometimes you just have to endure an ordinary meal at home.

Earlier in the day we had grabbed a really bad panini on the street, so we were ready for a nice dinner at home after cocktails around the corner. (Another adventure in ordering Lynn’s vodka and soda.)

Just across from the Pantheon is a small grocery store that offers only–ONLY–frozen foods. The entire place is composed of waist-height freezer compartments from entrance to check out. They have whatever you want in fine French cooking, but all frozen, ready to heat and serve.

We pulled a box of a dozen escargots de Bourgogne (aka butter and garlic), frozen and ready to heat. 2.95 euros.

Then we walked down rue des Ecoles to a combination boulangerie/bistro, where we grabbed two huge slices of quiche for 3.95 each. With a half a baguette (how else would you sop up the Bourgogne sauce from the snails?), total bill came to 8.30 euros, just below the 8.50 minimum for charging to a credit card.

With a  7 euro, higher end bottle of Bordeaux purchased from the little FranPrix down the street, we settled down to a simple, delicious and incredibly inexpensive French dinner in our apartment. J’aime France!

2015-12-28 19.55.34
Sorry for taking the photo mid-dinner. We devoured the escargots before I could reach for the camera.


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  1. Hi folks
    I do not know whether you receive my comments or not. I am enjoying the ongoing vignettes; however , it seems that you eat a lot.
    Anyway, I am sorry that I missed your call on Christmas. Keep

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